We grew up with granite

Right in the middle of the Fichtelgebirge (where the pine trees grow), in the shadow of famous granite deposits, you will find Marktredwitz, the company headquarters of Fickert. For five decades, we have been working on solutions for the creative shaping of stone.

Our aim: tools by means of which the expert's hand will bring stone to life. With all due modesty that honours the Fichtelgebirge's people, we are proud of having reached the worldwide technological market leadership through our granite grinding systems.They have been copied many times but their quality has never been reached: this above all applies for their longevity and the reliability of our grinding heads. The proverbial quality convinced customers all over the world that a decision for grinding heads of Fickert will be an investment that will bring you profit on a long-term basis - a solution for a life with stone.

As we are convinced of this fact, we keep our systems uncompromisingly compatible to ensure that even in decades our customers will still be able to realize future-oriented ideas with new grinding and polishing accessories.

That's what we stand for. As solid as granite.
The lion of the fountain of Marktredwitz